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1970s, 2000s stand out in “I love the UW” survey

"I love the UW" member survey

Now that our Spring Membership Drive is underway (it’s going GREAT by the way!), we are starting to look deeper at the more than 900 member comments we received during our “I love the UW” survey.

Some exciting stuff is coming to light. For instance, alumni from the 1970s were well represented, while our newest members (2000-2010) came out in force. The classes of 2010 (62 comments), 2009 (36 comments) and 2006 (32 comments) led all participants. This clearly shows, in members’ own words, that the University of Washington is just as transformative as ever despite deep budget cuts.

Take a look at the above graphic showing survey participants by graduation year. Click here to see a larger view and access more data. Try hovering over 1999 to see how many participants we had from that year.

As always, you can read all the member comments or search by college, class year or favorite UW memories by visiting

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3 Responses to “1970s, 2000s stand out in “I love the UW” survey”

  1. Barbara Morris wrote:
    March 30, 2011

    Of course the 2000’s are highest – they’re there now!
    As for the 70’s? I was there. They were more concerned about America and every people’s rights than any era since.
    The difference?
    I went back to the UW after a 20 year hiatus in the mid-90s.
    I saw a Student protest with banners and speaker horn coming out of classes at sunset.
    The difference?
    In the 70s, it was about getting out of Vietnam/sending our boys home, and for our friends…the troops over there.
    In the 90s? I rushed to see this deja vu. It was about getting Cable TV in the dorms.
    I just hope the seasons have changed back to caring about people other than oneselves…
    Barbara Morris UW 71-72, 93-96, BA & M.Ed

    • Derek Belt wrote:
      March 30, 2011

      Hi Barbara – Great feedback. Thank you for sharing. And one thing I’ll note from reading these comments is that lots of UW alums have gone back for a second degree 10, 15, 20 years later… and more! To me, that is simply amazing and a real testament to the kind of instution we have here. It’s changed, and changed a lot. But it’s still one of the best there is.

  2. Rangle wrote:
    July 7, 2011

    Gee wiillkers, that’s such a great post!

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