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Archives: October, 2011

State Sen. Scott White, 1970-2011

State Senator Scott White

State Sen. Scott White, 1970-2011

The University of Washington alumni community was saddened to learn of the passing of State Senator Scott White, who died Friday, October 21, of cardiac arrest brought on by an undiagnosed enlarged heart. White, who graduated from the Evans School of Public Affairs in 2001, also taught courses in legislative relations there until the end of 2009.

Senator White was an ardent supporter of higher education, and was also a friend of public transit. Both of these passions were on display earlier this year when he worked to restore funding to King County Metro and lobbied to maintain bus routes that affected the University. As a result, students were not affected by threatened route changes and cutbacks, and were able to enjoy strong transit access to campus.

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Onalaska 5th-Graders “Adopt” the UW

(Via UWToday) When an Onalaska elementary school asked the UW for help in inspiring her students to think about college, UW staffers rose to the occasion. Cheryl Smaciarz's students wear their "scholar berets" and other Husky gear.

Read their story here
. Did you have a teacher who pointed you to college when you didn’t think it was for you? You should get in touch and let them know about the effect they had. It will make their day.

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The Burke’s Got Everything…

The Burke Museum and the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences maintain an amazing collection of fish. From spiny deep-sea anglerfish to a unique albino dogfish, the University of Washington Fish Collection comprises rows and rows of bottles and basins of fish preserved in alcohol in a fireproof, explosion-proof, earthquake-proof facility. Open to scholars and researchers, KING5 recently had a behind-the-scenes look:

Or you can take a look here:

YouTube Preview Image

The Burke really DOES have everything!

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Public Art at the UW-James J. Hill

From his planter overlooking Stevens Way, his dour countenance glares out over passers-by, and does not seem to approve of what he sees. Who is this person, whose oversized likeness looms over the sidewalk?

James J. Hill: Mogul

James J. Hill, railroad magnate, seems to have only a tenuous connection to the Pacific Northwest, though his impact on the region was widespread. His home, and the home of his most influential corporation, the Great Northern Railroad, was in Saint Paul, Minnesota. However, Hill’s railroads and businesses helped connect the natural resources of the West to markets in the East. Known as “the Empire Builder,” Hill was noted for building a railroad without taking money from the federal government, making him unique among his peers. He would finance the building of towns along his rail lines, ensuring that his lines had markets at both ends. Hill also had a reputation for slashing his workers’ wages and was the target of several strikes.

While Hill displayed many of the quirks of character railroad barons were prone to, many of the people living in the Northern Plains and Pacific Northwest owed their livelihoods to him. Hillsboro, North Dakota, Hill County, Montana, and the Hillyard neighborhood of Spokane are all named for him. Hill himself only visited Seattle once, in 1909, to be the keynote speaker at the opening of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition and to witness the unveiling of the statue bearing his likeness.

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