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Teen Feed provides for homeless youth in U District

As the holidays approach, charities are receiving considerable attention. But many of these organizations need year-round assistance. One such organization is Teen Feed, which provides dinner, medical, housing and job assistance, as well as counseling and a place to hang out, for the homeless youth of the University District.

Teen Feed began in 1986 when nurses at UW Medical Center noticed that many of the youth who came in were malnourished. From then on, Teen Feed has been in the U District working to help homeless youth. In 2009, volunteers served more than 11,000 meals and case managers assisted 60 homeless youth enter into stable housing.

Every night, Teed Feed serves between 40 and 70 homeless youth under the age of 25. On the first Friday of each month, a group of passionate volunteers from the UW forms a Meal Team and, together, they provide the menu and materials for dinner. They cook and serve it to the attendees, then clean up and send any leftover food to the Rising Out of the Shadows (ROOTS) Youth Shelter located in the basement of the nearby University Temple United Methodist Church.

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Snow days in Seattle blanket UW campus

Walking in a winter wonderland.

UPDATE 11/24: The city of Seattle is on hiatus right now with snow on the ground and ice on the roads. Stranded cars, stranded buses and stranded people were all too common the last few days, and the holiday forecast calls for light snow and (hopefully) a little rain. Happy Thanksgiving!

The University of Washington cancelled classes on all three campuses Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday’s round-up from the Seattle Times had a lot of information, while Wednesday’s follow-up asks why can’t we handle the snow? You can subscribe to the official UW Alerts program for text messages, Facebook and Twitter updates. And check out this great video of the UW campus covered in snow.

Hopping off the bus Monday morning, I took a stroll through campus as the flakes were still falling and snapped a few pictures on my smartphone. The UW campus is stunning every day of the year, but it’s a magical sight with the snowfall. See the full show below or on our Flickr site.

Of course, you can learn more about the storm on the Cliff Mass Weather Blog. And feel free to share your stories. Here’s a crazy video of somebody trying (and failing) to drive up Queen Anne hill, and here’s a fun one of the Husky football team practicing in the snow. Getting ready for the Apple Cup in Pullman, I imagine.

Enjoy the snow, Huskies. Stay safe!


Passport to Picasso sells out Seattle Art Museum

On Sunday, Nov. 14, the UW College of Arts & Sciences hosted Passport to Picasso, an exclusive showing of the Seattle Art Museum’s amazing new Picasso exhibit. I attended this event with my family and was moved by the paintings, sculptures, photography and imagination of the 20th century’s most iconic and influential artist.

I’d never been to the SAM before, so I was looking forward to it for several reasons. How often do you get to experience an exhibit like this in a community setting? The entire allottment of 1,200 tickets sold out and the museum was bustling with UW alumni and friends, but it never felt crowded. Drinks and cookies were served, and we had an hour to explore the rest of the museum before punching our passport to Picasso.

The exhibit featured hundreds of pieces from Picasso’s personal collection. It spanned eight decades of Picasso’s extraordinary life, highlighting a variety of mediums and the Cubist movement he helped create. It was a remarkable collection and worth every second of my time. Events like this make our community proud. Kudos to Arts & Sciences, the UW Alumni Association and Seattle Art Museum for a stellar partnership.

On to this week’s Dawg Treats:

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Ours is the longest running street fair in the U.S.

U District StreetFair 2008

As we near the end of summer, here is an interesting piece of trivia about an event that marks the beginning.

For one weekend in May, the Ave fills with crafts booths, musicians, artists and lots of people. Just another street fair, you might think. But did you know the University District StreetFair is the longest running street festival in the nation?

The brainchild of Andy Shiga, a local merchant who owned Shiga’s Imports (still located right on the Ave just south of the University Book Store), the first StreetFair took place in 1970. It was intended as a celebratory olive branch between the merchants of the Ave and student activists. This was in the middle of the Vietnam War when campus demonstrations often spilled onto the Ave and police responded in force. Shiga, a business owner but also a committed peace activist, conceived of a festival of music and arts that would also help local businesses.

The Ave continued to change during the early 1970s, but the StreetFair continued to grow, now attracting more than 40,000 people each year.

Check out the collection of StreetFair posters over the years and get a feel for the variety of design. You can read a bit more about Andy Shiga on the Shiga Imports site or his obituary in The Seattle Times.

What are your memories of the U District StreetFair? Were you there for the first edition? We’d love to hear your stories.

Photo by IsJo. Used under Creative Commons license.

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Is it art? A colorful story in the U District

Most people who spent time at the UW know about Tubs, the semi-infamous business on the corner of 50th and Roosevelt that offered hot tubs by the hour. Of course, the cleanliness of the private tubs was always a subject of spirited debate.

In 2007, Tubs went to the big sauna in the sky. The intention was to turn the building into condominiums, but the down economy has meant the building has stood vacant since then. Not surprisingly, an empty building would occasionally get tagged with graffiti. In 2009, a local artist collective, Free Sheep Foundation, got permission to create a temporary art installation. They invited graffiti artists to decorate both the inside and outside of the building.

As you can imagine, there’s still no evidence they are moving ahead with the condos. With the owner’s approval, the building has become a magnet for graffiti artists and taggers—all four walls are covered with a constantly changing mural (or unsightly mess, depending on your perspective).

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U District dog defender gets the geese

Photo by Patrick Riley of The Daily.

If you’ve been on the UW Seattle campus in recent years, you’ve probably noticed the geese. They’ve taken a liking to our fair campus and have made themselves right at home. Unfortunately, they leave lots of droppings in their wake.

The Daily has a great story about Tom Finnelly and his dog Jerry. The short-haired pointer loves chasing geese and has proved to be much better at scaring them away than the variety of methods previously used, including scarecrows and grape juice extract. A casual conversation with outgoing UW President Mark Emmert led to Tom and Jerry becoming goose patrol superstars.

Via U District Daily. Photo by Patrick Riley, The Daily.

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