The AMP lab is located at the University of Washington in Seattle. Our lab resides on the ground floor of Wallace hall, a building which sits on the corner of Brooklyn Ave NE and NE Pacific St in the southwest cornerĀ of campus.

3737 Brooklyn Avenue Northeast
Wallace Hall
Seattle, Washington

Driving Directions: (Red Arrows)
1) After exiting the freeway and merging onto NE 45th Street, turn onto 15th Ave NE and head south.
2) From 15th Ave NE, turn right onto NE Pacific Street and head West.
3) Turn left onto Brooklyn Ave NE and head South towards the water.
4) Take a right into the Wallace Hall parking lot after going halfway down the street on Brooklyn Ave NE

Walking Directions: (Blue Arrows)
1) From Drumheller Fountain, head Southeast towards the Light Rail.
2) Near the south end of Rainier Vista, hop onto the Burke Gilman Trail and head West towards gasworks park. (You should be walking parallel to NE Pacific Street as you walk along the trail.)
3) Take a left and head South on Brooklyn Ave NE from the Burke Gilman Trail
Wallace Hall will be on your right.