Research Logistics

In order to mobilize our interdisciplinary research teams, we have developed the following protocol for proposing projects and scheduling space and equipment use.

1) New Research Request

To propose a new project, please complete the Research & Grant Request Form. This form allows our team to evaluate the scope of a project, alignment with the AMP Lab Mission, and resource/personnel requirements.

Access the AMP Research & Grant Request Form:

2) Approval from AMP Core 

Within two weeks of submitting your project request, AMP directors will review your application and notify you with follow-up questions and/or approval. Please e-mail with follow-up questions.

3) Schedule AMP Lab Space and Equipment Use

After receiving approval you will need to submit the AMP Lab Space Use Request Form to schedule and reserve the space and equipment. Team leads will need to submit this form every quarter.

Access the AMP Lab Space Use Request Form:

4) Schedule Confirmation

The staff will review your request and will send a confirmation e-mail indicating that your use has been reserved on the AMP Lab Calendar. If conflicts arise, we will re-send the completed form with notes outlining remaining availabilities. (Teams conducting grant funded research will receive priority.)

If you have questions or comments regarding these procedures, please e-mail