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FAA JAMS 2006 Technical Review Meeting

Date: June 20–22, 2006
Host: The Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS)
Location: University of Washington campus,
220 Kane Hall; Seattle, WA

Research Summary and Presentation Instructions for PIs

Both of these items should be sent by their respective due dates to:
Ellen Barker at, 206-543-0299


DUE: May 17, 2006

As we did last year, we are preparing a summary of all projects for review by attendees prior to the meeting that will bring everyone up to speed. We want the focus of your presentation to review the actual research, thus providing the necessary background via the summaries.

We are asking that you send a (suggested) 2- to 3-page summary of your project that describes the following:

  • problem statement
  • project background and motivation
  • approach to solve the problem
  • include supporting graphics


DUE: June 5, 2006

Presentation slots are 40 minutes (30 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A and critiques)

Click HERE to download Powerpoint template.

Step #

  1. Open template PowerPoint file (.pot).
  2. You will find the two master slides.
  3. Go to the second slide master (title slide) and paste in your school logo where it says “Paste School Logo Here”. Please do not make the logo bigger than allotted area on the master title slide.
  4. Then go to the body slide and enter your school name at the bottom center where it says “Enter School Name Here.” Again please do not increase the size of the allotted area.
  5. Next click on the slide button “Normal View” on the lower left of the PowerPoint window.
  6. Procedures in step 6 will bring you to the slide manager. Please add the following information to slides 1 to 3, 4(Blank for your research) and 5;

6.1 Slide 1

6.1.1 In the Title Box give the name of the project

6.1.2 In the Subtitle Box add the presenter(s) (slide three gives opportunity to identify all researches and others involved in the research

6.2 Slide 2 (this can be expanded to two slides max.)

6.2.1 Provide synopsis of the motivation and key issues; objective; and approach

6.3 Slide 3

6.3.1 Provide all school researchers

6.3.2 Identify the FAA Technical Monitor

6.3.3 If other FAA personnel are involved identify them

6.3.4 Identify the industry partners by company and key individuals

6.4 Slide 4 (to ?)

6.4.1 This will start your research presentation

6.4.2 This should immediately get into your findings, results and analysis of your research. Everyone will be provided an overview of the planned research before the meeting. Do not spend time going over the plan or details contained in your proposal for the research.

6.5 Slide 5 (Will become your final slide)

6.5.1 Provide details of the benefit to aviation industry.

6.5.2 This is your opportunity to tie the research to the needs of the aviation industry and the FAA.

6.5.3 Provide brief thoughts on what the research has uncovered that will not be resolved by the current effort.

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