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FAA JAMS 2006 Technical Review Meeting

Date: June 20–22, 2006
Host: The Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS)
Location: University of Washington campus,
220 Kane Hall; Seattle, WA


Presenter: Presentation Title (with link to presentation):
Curtis Davies, FAA Introduction to FAA Research
PDF file, 1.1 MB
Larry Ilcewicz, FAA Course Development: Maintenance of Composite Aircraft Structures
PDF file, 251 KB
Gerardo Olivares, Wichita State University Crashworthiness Certification by Analysis: Numerical Model Preparation and Analysis Guidelines
PDF file, 2 MB
Hyonny Kim, Purdue University Damage Tolerance and Durability of Adhesively Bonded Composite Structures
PDF file, 2 MB
Dirk Heider, University of Delaware VARTM Variability and Substantiation
PDF file, 1.2 MB
Kuen Lin, UW Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics Development of Reliability-Based Damage Tolerant Structural Design Methodology
PDF file, 751 KB
Sridhar Krishnaswamy, Northwestern University Structural Health Monitoring for Life Management of Aircraft
PDF file, 959 KB
Suresh (Raju) Keshavanarayana, Wichita State University
J.M. Yang, UCLA Damage Tolerance and Durability of Fiber Metal Laminates for Aircraft Structures
PDF file, 1.4 MB
Eli Livne, UW Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics Combined Global/Local Variability and Uncertainty in Integrated Aeroservoelasticity of Composite Aircraft
PDF file, 3.6 MB
Bill Stevenson, Wichita State University Methods for the Evaluation of the Fitness of Fiber Reinforced Composite Surfaces for Subsequent Adhesive Bonding
PDF file, 778 KB
Brian Flinn, UW Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering Improving Adhesive Bonding of Composites through Surface Characterization
PDF file, 2 MB
Prashanthi Pothakamuri, WSU School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering The Effect of Surface Treatment on the Degradation of Composite Adhesives
PDF file, 691 KB
Xiangyang Zhou, Florida International University Identification and Validation of Analytical Chemistry Methods for Detecting Composite Surface Contamination and Moisture
PDF file, 957 KB
Lamia Salah, Wichita State University Effects of Repair Procedures Applied to Composite Airframe Structures
PDF file, 1 MB
Yeow Ng, Wichita State University Production Control Effect on Composite Material Quality and Stability
PDF file, 954 KB
Lamia Salah, Wichita State University Aging Effects Evaluation of a Beechcraft Starship and a Decommissioned Boeing CRFP 737-200 Horizontal Stabilizer
PDF file, 2.2 MB
Suresh (Raju) Keshavanarayana, Wichita State University Crashworthiness of Composites
PDF file, 751 KB
Christian Widener, Wichita State University Evaluation of Friction Stir Weld Process and Properties for Aerospace Application
PDF file, 1.3 MB

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