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Welcome to AMTAS

plaque presentation
Curtis Davies from the FAA presents
Center of Excellence plaque to Director Mark Tuttle
AMTAS Director Mark Tuttle, Larry Ilcewicz, FAA, and
Sen. Maria Cantwell at a visit to the UW


In December 2003, the Federal Aviation Administration announced a joint award to the University of Washington and Wichita State University to create a new FAA Joint Advanced Materials and Structures Center of Excellence (JAMS). The University of Washington is the lead institution of The Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS). The Wichita-led organization is called the Center of Excellence for Composites and Advanced Materials (CECAM)

Who We Are

AMTAS is a consortium of academic institutions, aerospace companies, and government agencies. AMTAS seeks solutions to problems associated with existing, near- and long-term applications of composites and advanced materials for large transport commercial aircraft.

Mission and Goals

To lead the aviation community by researching new ideas in advanced materials, educating and training aviation professionals, and facilitating knowledge transfer among industry, government, and academia.

AMTAS-sponsored activities are grouped into the following three areas:

Research. Perform studies related to composite materials and structures used in transport aircraft as well as the application of new nanotechnologies to transport aircraft.

Education. Train new and existing engineers and technicians through degree programs and short courses to ensure an educated workforce in the aerospace industry.

Knowledge Transfer. Foster knowledge exchange between government agencies, industry, and academia. Activities include seminars, workshops, presentations, and conferences.

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