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Several alternatives exist for you to look at with regard to accommodation. The Visiting Faculty Housing Service provides housing listings for new and visiting UW faculty and staff requiring rental housing. The requirements of the university person seeking accomodation are matched with the listing attributes of an owner's property.

Visiting Faculty Housing Service
Office Location: UW Seattle Campus, Bagley Hall, Room 412
Mailing Address: VFHS, The University of Washington, Box 351380, Seattle, WA, 98195
Hours: 9:30 - 12:30, Monday through Friday except holidays.
Phone: 206-543-6252

It is reasonable to arrive and look around first. One alternative which has been used in the past is to come to the University Travelodge and use a suite for a week while you get situated. This is a convenient location close to the University and good shops (phone number: 206-525-4612). Another alternative is the Silver Cloud Inn (phone number: 206-526-5200).

The cost of accommodation varies. For example, in the Greenlake district of Seattle, a 2 bedroom house costs $1100 per month. In Kirkland, a city across Lake Washington, east of Seattle, a 2 bedroom apartment costs from $750-1100 per month. On Mercer Island in Lake Washington, a 2 bedroom house may cost at least $1400 per month. These have to be taken as approximate but will give you a rough idea. Most rental accommodations will require you to pay both first month's and last month's rent in advance, plus a damage deposit. The damage deposit typically costs 500-1000 ($US).

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