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UW Pain Medicine:
Veteran's Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System (VAPSHCS) and VISN 20 Pain Medicine and Functional Restoration Center

Summary of Services

The Pain Medicine Service at VA Puget Sound Health Care System (VAPSHCS) and VISN 20 Pain Medicine and Functional Restoration Center (CARF Certified) incudes UW faculty physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, UW Pain Medicine Fellows, clinical pharmacists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, pain psychologists, and social workers. Attending staff from different specialties including, but not limited to, anesthesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, clinical pharmacy, and mental health all have advanced Pain training beyond residency.

Our highly experienced team provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain care including functional restoration, opioid reduction services, collaborative addiction and pain program services, interventional pain management strategies, pain psychology services, educational classes, Telehealth services, electronic consultation services, provider education services (Primary Care Pain Management Mini-Residency Program and weekly SCAN-ECHO/UW TelePain Program in collaboration with UW and Department of Defense), acupuncture and dry needling, meditation and mindfulness classes, physical therapy services.

Our team strives to combine both the biomedical and biopsychosocial approaches to pain care. Our team has experience in managing complex issues like PTSD, depression and substance abuse in conjunction with chronic pain.

In addition to chronic pain, attending pain providers treat and manage acute pain. Our team includes providers at our Seattle and American Lake locations. We also serve as a pain management and educational hub for the entire Veterans Integrated Service Network Number 20 (VISN 20) including Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.

Contact Information:

VA Puget Sound Healthcare System
1660 S. Columbian Way
Seattle, WA 98108
Mail Stop: S-112-ANES
Phone: 206-277-5177
Fax: 206-764-2814

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