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Present a Case at TelePain

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To present a case at the UW TelePain broadcast:

Submit a Pain Medicine Case Consultation Request Form* by 5:00pm Monday prior to the Wednesday session.

* Please complete the form to the best of your ability in advance of your presentation, including patient responses to the UW Pain Tracker tool within the form. This will improve the quality of our evaluation of your patient. The data will be shared and analyzed by all of our pain management experts. Follow-up and review of your patient's progress will be scheduled with you as necessary, again using the Pain Tracker tool. If you require any assistance or have questions about the consultation request form, contact us at

What to expect after we receive your completed form:

You will receive an email from to schedule a date for your case presentation. All personally identifiable health information will be de-identified and we will assign a confidential ID number to your case. When you are called on to present the case during the confirmed UW TelePain broadcast, all parties will refer to the patient only by the confidential ID number.

UW TelePain case consultation does not create or otherwise establish a provider-patient relationship between any UW Medicine Health Care Professional and any patient whose case is being presented in a UW TelePain setting