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UW TelePain

UW TelePain Video Series on Managing Chronic Pain

  1. Introduction
  2. Current Status of Pain
  3. Multi-Dimensional Nature of Pain
  4. Adverse Selection
  5. Access to Pain Specialists
  6. Multidisciplinary Pain
  7. Knowledge Networks for Pain
  8. Measurement-Based Pain Care
  9. TelePain Case Presentation

Technical Contact

Rande Gray
pager 206-587-8903*, or
cell 206-459-7946.

*the pager is the best option for reaching Rande, as cell phone reception varies throughout the University.

NOTE: for locations using NW TeleHealth, please contact your local hospital site coordinator to arrange connection. For site coordinator contact information please call Pam Currier at (509) 789-4960.