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Pain Medicine & Neuroscience


Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that uses multiple approaches to study aspects of the nervous system. Neuroscientists come from diverse backgrounds, including psychology, physiology, pharmacology, chemistry, anatomy, medicine, computer science and many other fields. Modern Neuroscience has dispelled the myth that the adult nervous system is "fixed", finding instead that an amazing amount of plasticity takes place in the nervous system as a result of genetic and environmental influences. For example, pain from disease or surgery must be understood if one is to appropriately manage it and provide relief to patients. However, we now know that over time pain may itself become a disease of the nervous system. Investigators in the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine conduct multidisciplinary research that spans many areas of neuroscience. Current research projects investigate mechanisms of sleep and anesthetic action, acute, inflammatory and neuropathic pain and imaging of normal and injured brain activity.

Pain Medicine & Neuroscience
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