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Basic Research

Research Projects & Mentors Website

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The Office of Animal Welfare (OAW)/IACUC website contains information on establishing and maintaining an IACUC protocol at the University of Washington, including guidelines, forms, and helpful links when building and updating protocols.

The Animal Use and Training program coordinates all training (online and in-person courses) for all personnel prior to working with animals.

Veterinary Services assists researchers in providing guidelines for laboratory-specific protocols and procedures, in addition providing veterinary care.

UW Drug Service

The UW Drug Services website can be used to purchase pharmaceutical items for laboratory use. Items that qualify as controlled substances will also require federal (DEA) and Washington State approval (Department of Health).

Environmental Health and Safety

In addition to providing general laboratory guidelines, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) contains guidelines and provides training for working with all hazardous agents (biological, chemical and radioactive).