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Outside Work for Compensation/Conflict of Interest for Faculty

The Outside Professional Work Policy, UW Executive Order 57, establishes the procedures through which faculty, librarians and other academic personnel may be approved to engage in professional activities for compensation (such as consulting) outside of their University duties. The information accessible through this page provides details of the relevant policies and procedures.  Office of Research now manages the Outside Work for Compensation approval process and has developed an online form and updated information on the policy and procedure.

UW Medicine Updated Supplemental Policy

Effective July 1, 2013: the School of Medicine Conflict of Interest Policy will change. Two priniciple updates are listed in Dean Ramsey's memo and updated policy below.

2013 Updates:

  1. Participation on Speakers' Bureaus: a new provision which bans participation in speakers' bureaus.
  2. Product Endorsement: new provision prohibits School of Medicine faculty from endorsing a product for the primary purpose of promoting its purchase.

Outside Work for Compensation is reviewed and approved on an Academic year basis: July 1 through June 30. Full time faculty are allowed to request approval for up to 52 days per academic year; part time faculty have prorated days according to their FTE.

Departmental Process

In advance of activity:

  1. Complete forms: both UW Approval for Outside Work for Compensation AND School of Medicine Conflict of Interest Supplement form.*
  2. Send completed forms: to APM Human Resources, Box 356540 or via email to
  3. Chair review and approval received.
  4. School of Medicine review and approval received.
  5. Office of Research review and final determination.
  6. Final Approval Email sent: to Faculty member, School of Medicine and APM HR for retention.

* Both forms — School of Medicine and University of Washington — are required. If one is missing, processing will be delayed.


Contacts for Questions or Clarifications:

Andrea, 206-685-1314
Natalie Collins, 206-543-3167
Lauren Exnicios — SOM Director of Regulatory Guidance —, 206-543-6047

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