Undergraduate Course Offerings in Medical Anthropology and Global Health

ANTH 215

Introduction to Medical Anthropology
and Global Health

ANTH 269

Special Topics in Anthropology (as relevant)

ANTH 305

Anthropology of the Body

ANTH 308

Anthroplogy of Women's Health and Reproduction

ANTH 322

Comparative Study of Death

ANTH 374

Narrative, Literature, and Medical Anthropology

ANTH 375

Compartive Systems of Healing

ANTH 400

History and Theory of Medical Anthropology

ANTH 415

Anthropology of International Health

ANTH 440

Child Rearing, Culture and Health

ANTH 452

Culture, Controversy and Change: The Case
of Female Circumcision

ANTH 469

Special Studies in Anthropology (as relevant)

ANTH 472

Capstone Case Studies in Medical Anthropology and Global Health

ANTH 474

Social Difference and Medical Knowledge

ANTH 475

Perspectives in Medical Anthropology

ANTH 476

Culture, Medicine, and the Body

ANTH 477

Medicine in America: Conflicts and Contradictions

ANTH 479

Advanced Topics in Medical Anthropology

ANTH 483

Africa Living with HIV/AIDS


Political Economy of Women’s Health and Development

ANTH 574

Culture, Society, and Genomics

ANTH 575

Cultural Construction of Illness: Seminar in Medical Anthropology

BIO A 201

Principles of Biological Anthropology

BIO A 369

Men's Health Across the Lifespan

BIO A 382

Human Population Biology

BIO A 387

Ecological Perspectives on Environmental Stress, Adaptation, and Health

BIO A 450

Biodemography Seminar

BIO A 455

Reproductive Ecology Laboratory Seminar

BIO A 465

Nutritional Anthropology

BIO A 469

Special Topics in Biocultural Anthropology (as relevant)

BIO A 473

Biological Adaptability of Human Populations

BIO A 476

Sociocultural Ecology and Health

BIO A 482

Human Population Genetics

BIO A 483

Human Genetics, Disease, and Culture

BIO A 484

Human Life Cylce

BIO A 487

Human and Comparative Osteology

BIO A 495

Growth and Development: Infancy

BIO A 496

Growth and Development: Adolescence and Reproductive Maturity

BIO A 568

Human Reproductive Ecology