Edoxaban - Dosing and Renal Function Effects

The presence of chronic kidney disease is an independent risk factor for increased bleeding events, including hemorrhagic stroke. Please carefully consider the risks and benefits of any oral anticoagulant prior to initiating therapy.

CrCl FDA Recommended Dose for Treatment of DVT/PE FDA Recommended dose for Stroke Prevention in AF UWMedicine Restrictions

Change in Exposure

( AUC and Cmax)

T 1/2
80-95 ml/min              60mg daily 60mg daily Non-Formulary  -- 10-14 hours
50-79 ml/min 35% increase 10-14 hours
30-49 ml/min 30mg daily
30 mg daily

Non-Formulary RESTRICTED

Consider alternative therapy

74% increase 10-14 hours
15-29 ml/min 72% increase not reported
< 15 ml/min not recommended not recommended 93% increase not reported