Suggestions for Peri-Procedural Management of Betrixaban

CrCl T 1/2 Time of last dose of betrixaban before procedure



Standard Risk of Bleeding

High Risk of Bleeding

(major surgery, spinal puncture or placement of spinal/epidural catheter, and other situations in which complete hemostasis is required)

> 30 ml/min
  • 19-27 hrs per PI
  • 37 hrs per clinical pharmacology studies1
at least 4 days, per APEX study protocol2                                     at least 4 days, per APEX study protocol2
< 30 ml/min not reported Do not use Do not use

1.  Hutchaleelaha A et al.  Blood 2012; 120; abstract 2266. 

2. Cohen AT et al.  New Engl J Med 2016; 375:534-44