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Information on the ESRI site license

UW Consortium for Geographic Information and Analysis

The University of Washington Consortium for Geographic Information and Analysis (UWCGIA) is an organization for everyone at the UW who uses GIS, remote sensing, and related technolgies. This site, and its related page on GIS courses offered at the UW, provides links to people and units at the UW who are using these technologies, in an attempt to further collaboration with each other, and to share what we are doing with those outside the UW.

GIS data

A repository of GIS data at the UW Libraries

Another great repository of GIS data at the UW run by Harvey

ArcGIS 10.3 Is Available

ArcGIS 10.3 software is now available on the UW ArcGIS FTP site: ftp://software.gis.washington.edu/esri/. You can only access the FTP site from on campus or via VPN.

The 10.3 Desktop update requires an upgrade to the campus license servers. Lic-arcgis.gis.washington.edu has been upgraded and can serve 10.3 licenses. Other campus license servers may take a few days to get upgraded. If you have borrowed a license or have a stand-alone license the install should detect and upgrade those automatically.

ArcGIS Licenses for 2014 - 2015

Each year on October 7th all of UW’s ESRI ArcGIS Licenses expire. This includes ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, ArcSDE, ArcEngine, etc. If you use an ArcGIS product then starting next Monday you may start seeing warnings about expiring ArcGIS licenses.

Request access to UW's ArcGIS Online Organizational Account

ESRI is moving many of their services to ArcGIS Online. In order to access ArcGIS Online resources available through the UW License with ESRI, you will need to have your ESRI Global ID linked with the UW ArcGIS Online organizational account. If you do not know whether you need this or not, you probably do not need it. 

Fill out and submit the form below to request an invitation.



ESRI User Conference Complimentary Registration request

2015 ESRI User Conference

This year's ESRI User Conference (once again in sunny San Diego, California) is coming soon. Dates are:

July 18-21, 2015 (Educational Conference)
July 20-24, 2015 (General Conference)

Educational institution attendees who are registered for the General UC can attend the Educational UC at no additional cost.

Unless you are a student, use your "official" institutional address rather than gmail, hotmail, etc. so we can verify your standing.
If you are a student, include the name of your advisor (who can vouch for your eligibility). If you do not provide this information you will not be considered for a seat.
If you are a student, include your faculty advisor's official e-mail address. Do not use gmail, hotmail, etc. addresses.
I assume any financial risks due to cancellation of hotel registrations and/or travel costs. I will only be allowed to register if I agree to these terms.
I acknowledge that the complimentary conference registration covers only the admittance to the User Conference and the Educational User Conference. Payment for all other related activities, including but not limited to, travel, lodging, food, other pre-conference seminars or workshops, are my personal responsibility. I will only be allowed to register if I agree to these terms.

Business Analyst Online Subscription

Use this form to request access to the activation link for Business Analyst Online (BAO). You will need to have an ESRI gloabl ID in order to use BAO. You will use the activation link only one time to associate the BAO subscription with your ESRI global ID; after that you access BAO through <http://bao.esri.com>.



I'm getting warnings that ArcGIS will stop working in a few days! HEEEEEEELLLLPPPPP MEEEEE!

If you are seeing messages about ArcGIS timing out on a computer on which you are running your own license server, please do me a favor and read this entire script. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR MESSAGES ON UW-GIS-L. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


On 9/29/2001 Phil Hurvitz wrote:

Site licensed ESRI software

The current list of site licensed software is available at http://www.esri.com/~/media/Files/Pdfs/industries/university/academic_programs/pdf/site-license-overview.pdf


Site licensed software can be installed on UW-owned equipment only.


Best Practices for Installing ArcGIS Desktop on a Mac

From ESRI Canada a best practices document on how to install ArcGIS Desktop on a Mac:

Geocoding in King County

A description of why address ranges do not work for geocoding addresses in King County, and why you should use parcel address points instead.


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