If you are a student and want to run ArcGIS Desktop on a computer that is NOT owned by the UW (e.g., your own personal computer), you are eligible to install a 1-year timeout version of ArcGIS. Click this link: Ask your professor to provide you with a license to install ArcGIS for specific information. Note the software will only run on Windows machines; if you have a MAC or Linux machine you will need to be able to run Windows either in dual boot mode or within a virtual environment.

If you are a student and want to run ArcGIS on a Window-based computer owned by the UW, ask your advisor or professor to have ArcGIS installed on that machine.

ArcGIS sofware is also available in a number of computing labs at many UW campuses and facilities. A few of those facilities are:

  • Suzzalo Library GIS Lab ‚Äč

    • The GIS Lab is provided by the University Libraries to support the use of GIS for coursework and research by UW students, faculty, and staff. Groups are welcome to work together on GIS assignments in this space. GIS Lab staff are available to assist lab users with locating geospatial data, integrating data into GIS projects, and basic ArcGIS functionality. Lab staff cannot provide extended assistance with the completion of course assignments. Lab users are strongly encouraged to consult with their faculty and/or TAs for assistance with or clarification of course assignments.
  • College of Arts & Sciences Instructional Computing Lab

    • The College of Arts & Sciences Instructional Computing Lab is located in rooms B022 and B027 of the Communications Building and is open to all UW students. Room B022 is a drop-in lab containing twenty-seven Windows 7 systems. Room B027 is a classroom lab containing twenty-eight Windows 7 systems, a PC-attached projector, and an overhead projector. The maximum occupancy for either room is 30 people.