At this time the UW Esri site license managers ("we") are not recommending the use of ArcGIS Pro (AGP). We may support AGP for a limited number of trial users.

These are the reasons we are not supporting ArcGIS Pro for all UW users:

  1. AGP licenses are tied to ArcGIS Online (AGOL). In order to use Pro, one needs to have an AGOL account. In the past, AGOL accounts were added manually. This became an unmanageable task, so we switched to Enterprise logins (i.e., creating and account and logging in with your UWNetID). The problem with UWNetIDs is that AGOL cannot distinguish between students/staff/faculy, or any other person with a UWNetID (could be an alumnus, for example, who should not be granted access to anything from the UW Esri site license).
  2. Adding AGP access for a user requires interactive assignment of the license to the user, which is unmanageable.
  3. Each AGOL subscription has a limit of 1000 AGP licenses. Once they are assigned to users, they are effecively locked, even if that user loses UWNetID login privilege.
  4. Use of certain features in AGP will consume AGOL credits, often unbeknownst to the user. This has the potential to bankrupt the UW's AGOL credits, effectively making the AGOL site completely unusable for all functions, even those that do not rely on the user of credits.

Until Esri comes up with a solution that is more manageable in our institutional framework, we are not going to issue AGP licenses otehr than by special request. If you are an instructor, have your students use ArcGIS Desktop instead--it has all of the same main functionality of AGP, but without the same problems.

That said, if you are a test user of AGP, in order to log in, you need to select the Enterprise Account option. See the attached PDF showing the steps.

PDF icon ArcGIS Pro login at UW210 KB