The list of ESRI Virtual Campus Courses here is available to all University of Washington students, staff, and faculty as part of the site license between ESRI and Washington State Institutions of Public Higher Education. The courses listed here have a cost for enrollment that is covered by the site license. Note that there are other courses available for free from ESRI (check the catalog at <>) that will not be listed here.
There is no limit to the number of courses that can be requested. However, the vast majority of courses that have been requested have not been completed. Many have not even been activated. Please be aware that each request needs to be processed separately (by a volunteer at UW), so only sign up for courses that you will actually complete. Each request you make takes time on the part of our volunteers, so be mindful of that when you make your requests.
If you are an instructor and will be assigning the same course to several students, please request the course along with the number of enrollments you need. You will receive an e-mail message including multiple course registration codes, which you can pass out to your students. In order to lower the burden on our volunteers, please do not have each student make their own requests.