Students and faculty at Yellowstone National Park on the Fall 2015 UWAB workshop.
Graduate student Elena Amador at the NASA Nordic Astrobiology Summer School in Iceland
Graduate Student Giada Arney at Shark Bay in Western Australia. Shark Bay is home to living stromatolites, photosynthetic microbial mats that exist in the fossil record as early as 3.5 billion years ago.
Graduate student Brett Morris at Yellowstone National Park's Grand Prismatic Spring, studying the microbes that lend the spring its bright colors.

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The Fall 2016 Newsletter is Here!

Check out the Fall 2016 Newsletter to learn about what our students and faculty have been up to these past couple of months!  MORE>


Early earth's air pressure was less than half of today's

A new study led by UWAB alum Sanjoy Som together with UWAB professors Roger Buick and David Catling and others implies that early Earth's atmospheric pressure 2.7 billion years ago was less than half of modern day. The researchers used gas bubbles trapped in ancient sea-level lava flows as a "paleobarometer". The sizes of the bubbles record the pressure of the atmosphere bearing down on the cooling lava billions of years ago. This low atmospheric pressure suggests that early microbes may have been consuming atmospheric nitrogen, but there was not an efficient process to release that consumed nitrogen back to the atmosphere like there is today. MORE>


UWAB Outreach to Lakewood High School

On May 2, continuing an annual tradiation, UWAB members spoke to students in an astrobiology class at Lakewood High School visiting UW. Professor Rory Barnes led the event, which featured presentations by UWAB students Michael Kipp, Giada Arney, Steven Sholes, and Jacyln Sanders. MORE>


Congratulations to Rory Barnes!

Rory Barnes of the astronomy department has been promoted to an Assistant Professor in astrobiology! Congratulations Rory! MORE>


Congratulations to UWAB members helping select the next NASA flagship mission!

NASA has convened Science and Technology Definitions Teams (STDTs) to study large telescope concepts for future direct imaging of exoplanets. Congratulations to UWAB Chair Vikki Meadows, UWAB PhD graduate Tyler Robinson, and UWAB former postdoc Shawn Domagal-Goldman who have been seletected as members of these teams! Vikki will be a member of the LUVIOR team, and Shawn will be the LUVIOR Deputy Study Scientist. Shawn is also a member of the HabEx STDT, as is Ty Robinson. Congratulations to all!      MORE>