Statement on Harassment

The University of Washington Department of Astronomy strives to foster a safe, comfortable environment for all of our members. Harassment of any kind in our community interferes with these goals and will not be tolerated.

Harassment is any behavior by an individual or group that contributes to a hostile, intimidating, unwelcoming, and/or inaccessible work environment. This can include (but is not limited to) sexual, racial, ageist, ableist, or retaliatory harassment. Anyone can experience harassment.

If you are being harassed, we encourage you to seek help and are committed to supporting you. You may speak with your instructor, adviser, peers, the chair of the Astronomy Department, or any other members of the department with whom you feel comfortable (although please be aware of the university reporting requirements described here).

UW also has designated resources available, including the Health and Wellness advocate (for confidential discussion and assistance in reporting), the UW Community Standards and Student Conduct Office (for complaints against other students), the University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (for complaints against employees), the Academic Student Employee Union, and the Office of the Ombud.