Experimental College
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The ASUW Experimental College was established in 1968 by a group of University of Washington students. It was their vision to offer fun, non-credit classes for University of Washington students and Seattle community members. Today, the Experimental College is the largest known student-organization of its kind.

University of Washington students have always staffed the Experimental College. The College staff has the unique opportunity of serving both the University and the College’s instructors. Through this experience, each College employee that graduates from the University of Washington is more prepared for future experiences and positions.

The Experimental College is an entity of the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) and is bound by the ASUW Constitution and University of Washington regulations. Being a part of the ASUW allows the Experimental College to enjoy resources that would otherwise be unavailable to the college staff. The Experimental College is proud to be associated with the University of Washington and its student government.

For further information about the University of Washington or the ASUW please refer to the University of Washington homepage at www.washington.edu or www.asuw.org.

The mission of the ASUW Experimental College is to serve the students of the University of Washington by providing enriching non-credit classes. Serving students involves the following three components:

  • Reach: Serving as many UW students as possible.
  • Quality: Providing high quality classes in topics and locations that are of interest to University of Washington students.
  • Cost: minimizing the cost of providing this service to students, including both the direct costs of taking classes, and the indirect costs of any funding received from SAF.
We will attempt to deliver the results in all three of these components. To the extent that trade-offs are necessary between one component and another (for example, increasing cost to provide higher quality), we will work with the Board of Directors to strike a balance that is most consistent with the overall ASUW mission.