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What sets The Ballet Studio apart from other dance studios? We teach ballet exclusively and adults exclusively. We have four levels of ballet for adults, as well as a beginning pointe class and ballet exercise classes. Come and dance with us to live music in a lovely studio with mirrors, daylight windows, and dressing rooms.

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  1. I had an amazing ballet exercise class at The Ballet Studio. It was challenging without being frustrating for someone who knows absolutely nothing about ballet (me). I was very pleasantly surprised that there was a gentleman that showed up to play piano and sing - we worked out to LIVE MUSIC! I love it! Unfortunately, you have to sign up for a series , they don't do drop-ins (except for a single complimentary class for the first timer to check them out), which can be difficult for people with varying schedules or who travel a lot.
  2. This was my very first ballet class ever, and I tiptoed into the studio in my leotard feeling like a fraud, having never danced in my LIFE, much less classical ballet! I've been really amazingly pleased with this place. My wonderful, smiling, patient and enthusiastic instructor has made this such an easy transition. The people in the beginning ballet class range from those with experience to those like me. The live music is really cool, and the studio is beautiful, with lots of natural light, and very centrally located.
    Because of this class, and my enthusiastic instructor, and this studio, I've begun to develop a real passion for ballet!
  3. I am nearing retirement age and am at least 30 pounds overweight, but I have always wanted to take ballet, just to have a better understanding of an art form I love to attend. When I read that there was a studio exclusively for adults near where I live, I thought I'd give it a try. It's been a wonderful experience! I plan to continue because:
    • the teachers who offer the "Very, Very Beginning" class are encouraging and kind while being extremely professional (i.e. they treat you seriously and are meticulous about correct form); they answer all your questions and will give me an easier variation on a move while I build up strength
    • a pianist plays all the accompanying music so you exercise to tunes that offer the precise beat that you need while creating a beautiful atmosphere. the classes are graduated so that you build movement and terminology on the strength of the previous class (which is why they don't have walk-in session).
    • the other students, though decades younger than I am, are sweet, encouraging, and good company. Bottom line: if you are older and wonder if you could ever satisfy a longing to take a ballet class, this is the place for you!
    • Potential students are welcome to take a complimentary placement class at any time.

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Time at ExCo:

Since 1970

Classes Taught:

Ballet Exercise, Very Beginning Ballet, Beginning 2, Beginning Intermediate, Inermediate, Pointe

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