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Joanne Factor has been teaching safety and self-defense for over 20 years. As owner and instructor at Strategic Living, LLC, Personal Safety and Self-Defense Training, she’s worked with women concerned with going out and about; women looking to travel and date; health care workers wanting to give their best while staying safe on home visits; college girls and girls just beginning their college adventure; teens, tweens, kids whose parents want them to stay safer while gaining independence; female veterans dealing with chronic PTSD; abused women looking to make safer choices; LGBTQ folks wanting to keep our community safer; homeless women; and women in transitional and low-income housing. She is also a volunteer advocate for DAWN, an agency in South King County providing services to domestic violence survivors. Joanne's expertise has been featured on KOMO4 TV, KING5 TV, KIRO7 TV, Q13's Washington's Most Wanted, KUOW 94.9 FM, and The Seattle Times Magazine.
Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Joanne holds a BA from Cornell University, a black belt in karate, and was named Seattle's Best Feminist Butt-Kicker in 2007 by the Seattle Weekly. She is author of the forthcoming book Self-Defense 101: What Every Woman Absolutely, Positively Needs to Know for Her Own Safety.

Reviews/Additional Info

"Joanne was knowledgeable, calm, respectful, and very impressive. I would definitely recommend this course. It was a great balance of physical practice and non-physical knowledge."
"I liked the camaraderie between the women in class with each other and with the teacher. I liked Joanne's realistic portrayals of situations and honesty in answering questions."
"In addition to strong psychosocial skills, Joanne is an effective teacher providing us with a variety of techniques to use in a range of situations."
"Our sessions were very well organized so that there was a balance of physical activity, listening, and discussion, with a good mix of intellectual and emotional content."
"Joanne's approach to teaching self-defense is positive, and focused on our choices and increasing abilities."

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Time at ExCo:

15 years

Classes Taught:

Self-Defense 101, Self-Defense One-Night Wonder

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