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Born 1957, NYC, and raised in Baltimore. Came to NW in 1977 to study collaborative arts, film and video at The Evergreen St. Col. where he made multi-image, film and video productions. Moved to Seattle in 1979 continuing his artistic practice, while becoming a freelance commercial designer and photographer. Starting in 1992, he was the graphic designer for United Way of Snohomish County for seven years, worked at Photographic Center NW for six years and Parent Trust for Washington Children for the last ten years.
Graduated with M.F.A., 2014, Goddard College with concentration in digital imaging and Art Education. Has been teaching many subjects in various environments to all ages since early in life and continues to find teaching one of his most enjoyable activities.
Currently a member of Gallery 110 in Pioneer Square and seeking part-time employment as an instructor in higher education.

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Time at ExCo:

0.5 years

Classes Taught:

"Caution! Ideas at Play. Fine Art Photography Today", "Digital Art with Photoshop"

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