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Ken Fordyce is Director of Operations and Engineering of Mirror Sound Studio. Ken's experience extends back to Berklee College of Music, Boston MA. He majored in guitar while enrolled in the Instrumental Performance Program. He also studied at the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts. Valuable work experience came from his contributions to Sigma Sound Studios, Queen Village Studios and NFL Films prior to opening his first 4-track operation in 1979. Fordyce, an analogue veteran, has engineered and produced recording projects in numerous genres, including rock, pop, heavy metal, acoustic, jazz, as well as doing media and voice-over work. Mirror Sound is a studio run by musicians for musicians, and Ken’s experience as a guitarist and vocalist comes in handy in many sessions. He has a great time working with artists and is a skilled producer for bands that need help creating their finished product. Ken is always happy to share his knowledge, and does so in many ways. He gives guitar lessons to aspiring musicians. Ken also teaches the Practical Audio Recording Course (PARC since 1986), Computer Music Making and Recording, an introductory workshop through the University of Washington’s Experimental College (since 1996), and more recently has also taught the Audio Recording and Production class at Seattle University (Winter quarter-2016).

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"You and your staff are fantastic, I wish I had learned from you all a long time ago. You made things fun, understandable and removed any elements of fear that may have been lingering. I look forward to keeping in touch and possibly taking an advance class at some point.” All the best! - Kent Guzey
"The staff have years of recording experience and the course saved me tons of time that I would have spent learning on my own.. Great job guys!." - Kevin Spollen
Modern recording is both exciting and dynamic. Recent changes in recording hardware and techniques has enhanced audio recording to a remarkable level of excellence. This series of workshops, given in the fully equipped control room of Mirror Sound Studios in Edmonds, Wa, focuses on the primary techniques and hardware of modern recording studios including: microphones, mixers, equalizers, compressors, digital recorders and more. The course provides each student with an introductory look into professional studio recording techniques.

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Since 1997

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Modern Recording Techniques, Computer Music Making and Recording

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