Erica Pedersen


About the Instructor

Receive professional training to advance your English skills. In 1998, I began my career after achieving my B.A. and Master's degrees in English. During my early years, I gained experience in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary building, resume writing, job hunting, and more. About eight years ago, I began to focus primarily on the needs of international students and professionals. I was inspired by the challenge of helping these innovative, talented people to discover the next level in their English learning.
My first step is to schedule a consultation with students in order to discuss their goals. After this, I recommend training with one or more of the following online English courses.

750 Business Words Pronunciation course
English Grammar: Speak the Verb Tenses
TOEFL Vocabulary for Speaking: Course 1, Course 2
English Idioms: Course 1, Course 2, Course 3

I have worked frequently with speakers from these languages: Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Also, a large percentage of my students have had British-English influence. I have significant experience working with speakers of French, Ukrainian, Tamil, Hindi, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and more.

Reviews/Additional Info

"After two months of English lessons, my friends and family started telling me that my speech was better. They hear a big difference. Now I practice speaking with the instructor. We use everyday conversations to improve my fluency."--Chin Ho, a Korean student

"I was having trouble with the S sound, the R sound and TH sounds. We practiced pronunciation until I understood those sounds. Now the teacher is helping me prepare for business presentations."--Katsuo, a Japanese student

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Time at ExCo:

8 years

Classes Taught:

English Pronunciation Now: Speak Clearly
English Grammar: Speak the Verb Tenses
English Idioms: 100 Casual Expressions

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