Experimental College
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New Instructors

When considering which course you would like to teach, keep the following in mind. Below is a brief summary of the relationship between the Experimental College and instructors as well as policies to be considered when completing your application.

The relationship between the instructor and the Experimental College is that of an independent contractor and an organization. The instructor provides a service for the Experimental College in the form of the class he or she teaches. This course is taught in accordance with the description in our quarterly catalog, which serves as the contract between the instructor and the Experimental College. When students register for a course, they pay a registration fee to the Experimental College and the course fee directly to the instructor on the first day of the course.

After reading the prospective instructor info, you can apply online here to be our new instructor for Spring quarter 2016 by January 8, 2016.

You may also contact our Assistant Director at assistantdr@exco.org for more information.

Existing Instructors

If you would like to propose a new class for Spring quarter 2016, please download the new course proposal form for existing instructors and submit it to our office or apply online here by January 8, 2015.