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Nils Osmar

  • Nils Osmar was born in Alaska, and grew up in a wilderness area on the southern coast.  His parents were homesteaders on the Kenai Peninsula, near the Cook Inlet. He grew up in a tiny little town called Clam Gulch. He now lives in Seattle.

  • Nils has made his living in the arts for over thirty years, working as a writer, artist, teacher, and filmmaker.  He currently teaches through the ASUW Experimental College, and is the Director of a private educational program, Classesandworkshops.com.

  • His philosophy as a teacher is that, "Everyone is creative. We all have an impulse to write, draw, paint and express ourselves in a wide range of creative ways.  If you're interested in a subject area, you can learn it.  Classes and instruction can help."

  • Nils values teaching at both the Experimental College and Classesandworkshops.com, where the focus is on learning in a fun environment, without the pressure of worrying about grades. For more detailed information about Nils's classes, click the titles or categories below.

Seattle acting classes

Seattle Drawing Classes

Seattle Painting Classes

Seattle Cartooning Classes

Filmmaking Classes

Writing Classes

Note from Nils: If you're looking for additional fun classes, check out the titles below. I don't teach them, but I recommend them. They are cosponsored by the Experimental College and my own school (Classesandworkshops.com):

If you have any questions, feel free to mail Nils@classesandworkshops.com