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Georgetta Gancarz

Georgetta graduated from the School of Visual Arts and Fordham University with degrees in science, education and Fine Arts.
She also minored in Art Therapy and received various artist and instructor awards and scholarships. She is a professional artist, professor, author and international travel guide. Georgetta has been teaching painting for over 20 years. Working on her charity Artist For Breast Cancer she continues to educate the public on awareness and prevention. She currently teaches art at Seattle Central Community College in Seattle and Western Europe (London and Italy). She is the creator and director of her award winning international travel/ painting program ART-POLI. Her work has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and extensively throughout Europe. She is represented by the Saachi Gallery and Galeria Aberta, in Portugal and is on the Executive Committee Board at the EC University of Washington; Her picture is on the cover of Alberto Manguel’s, 2002 International best seller “Reading Pictures What We Think About When We Look At Art.” Her works are on file at The Women Museum of Arts, Washington,DC; her Renaissance style paintings are in collection of Saint James Cathedral in Seattle, Firenze and Venezia in Italy. Other collections are in the Muse/ Foundation and Museums in NYC. Georgetta is currently writing and illustrating her eight art book in English and Italian. In 2010, Georgetta was blessed as a portrait painter for the Roman Catholic Church and is in the Guild of St. Luke.