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Janelle Keane Campoverde

Janelle Keane Campoverde is adjunct faculty for Evergreen State College and Antioch University teaching movement, dance and sensory awareness. She designs and teaches courses in somatic education, drawing from her work as a certified Feldenkrais teacher for 20 years and her extensive studies with pioneers in the field of movement, perception and sensory awareness.

Her private practice in Feldenkrais Functional Integration focuses on restoring efficient and comfortable movement, whatever the limitation or concern.

Janelle studied Brazilian dance at the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil and also traveled to Santiago, Cuba to intern with the renowned Ballet Folklórico Cutumba Dance Company. Janelle serves as dance director and choreographer of the Seattle-based Samba group GiraSol, performing widely for both corporate and public events. She is a member for ¡Todo Folklore Cubano!, under the artistic directorship of José Carrión, former principal dancer and corps professor of Cutumba, serving as dance partner to Mr. Carrión.

Whenever possible, she takes her classroom “into the community”, providing students the opportunity to perform at festivals such as Bumbershoot, Follklife, Brazilfest, and at popular Seattle-area parades, including the Fremont Solstice.

In all of her instruction, Janelle taps into our innate ability to learn most effectively when we enjoy ourselves.

    Courses taught by Janelle Keane Campoverde: