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Beth Jusino

Beth Jusino is an editor, marketer, and writer who loves words and the people who write them. Whether she is working with self-help nonfiction or mystery novels, women’s fiction or memoir, Beth helps an author navigate the terrain between "manuscript" and "published book."

Beth joined the well-respected freelance firm The Editorial Department in 2010 as their Director of Book and Author Marketing after five years as a literary agent with Alive Communications in Colorado.

She loves taking a big-picture view and helps writers evaluate and develop book proposals and marketing plans, as well as offering manuscript critiques and evaluations.

As a marketer, Beth worked with a number of companies, including the American Red Cross, to develop social media and clear communication channels. As a writer and editor, Beth contributed to dozens of books herself, from story compilations to business titles, and has been widely published in national magazines. She enjoys teaching the crafts of writing and book marketing, and has spoken at more than 20 writers’ conferences and publishing gatherings across the country.

Her “for fun” reading list is eclectic, with favorite authors ranging from Nick Hornby to Annie Dillard, Seth Godin to Salman Rushdie.

Contact Beth at bethjusino at gmail dot com, or follow her on Twitter @bethjusino