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Steven Li

Steve Li Sensei holds a 4th degree black belt ('yondan') in Ki-Aikido, Chuden in Ki Development, and has been training since 1980. He is also a certified Assistant Ki Lecturer.

Li Sensei was interested in learning a martial art as a vehicle for personal growth. His cousin started training in aikido in Chicago, and at his encouragement, Li Sensei watched a class and later started training in Portland, OR with the Oregon Ki Society, completing his shodan and nidan aikido ranks there.

Li Sensei says his favorite aspect of aikido is, "the challenge of implementing calmness in action. Aikido develops the whole person effectively. The most frequent application involves organizing and managing numerous simultaneous demands at the office, sort of like randori (defending against multiple attacks). Taking care of two kids at the same time can be remarkably similar.

Li Sensei teaches introductory ki and aikido, general aikido, and intermediate aikido.

    Courses taught by Steven Li: