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Margaret McAndrew

My adventures with dance began at the age of twelve when I took Greek dancing lessons at my local high school. I met my first ballet teacher two years or so later, when she choreographed the dance portions of my local scout and girl guide annual concert. I began taking classes with her when she offered me a partial scholarship. Two years later, the studio changed hands when she and her husband immigrated to Rhodesia. She taught the Royal Academy of Dance technique, had worked and studied with Anton Dolin, a famous teacher and premiere dancer with the English Royal Ballet. My second teacher had studied and worked with Nedine Nicolaeva Legat, who was an immigrant from Russia in the '30s. This gave me insight into the Russian style of ballet.

I became a member of the corps of ballet of the Pavinoff Ballet Company which was headquarted in London during 1950. As a performer, my favorite ballets were Geiselle and Swan Lake.

Years later, I found myself married and living in Seattle, where I studied with Joan Sckinner at the University of Washington. She now resides in New York teaching a unique technique called releasing. I have had a long and happy association with the ASUW Experimental College teaching classical ballet to young adults since 1974. If this biography inspires you to relive childhood memories of former ballet classes or explore the basics (including barwork, simple jumps and turns) I would like to see you on Tuesday evenings at the bar.

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