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Stu Stuart


Stu Stuart is a professional comedian and has been teaching Beginning Stand-Up Comedy since 1991. Since then, he has taught hundreds of students. His class was recently featured on KING 5 Evening Magazine.

“The class is great experience for those who want to learn the basics of stand-up comedy. It takes a lot of courage, and it’s a lot of work writing and performing comedy. But in the end, not only do students have a lot of fun and learn about comedy, but they develop a greater self-confidence and a belief that anything is possible,” says Stu, adding, “I’ve found that the average person, given some coaching on the mechanics of stand-up and given some moral support is very funny on stage.”

“Students often come up after they complete the class and tell me how much it meant to them and how much they enjoyed it on so many different levels. That’s very gratifying and one of the reasons I enjoy teaching so much,” says Stu.

As for Stu’s comedy, it has been described as clever, witty and unpredictable. “He presents his comedy in a comfortable and witty manner causing you to think, then laugh, all while continually pulling the rug out from you when you least suspect it,” says the Seattle Times.

He has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Montana, Missoula. He is a two-time finalist for the ABC Television/Disney Writers Fellowship. He was also a writer on the pilot episode of the NBC sitcom “The Tracy Morgan Show.” 

Visit his website at www.stustuart.com. He resides in Traverse City, Michigan. You may also view the Evening Magazine segment on his class by clicking on a link from his comedy website.


Stu also teaches a beer appreciation class at the E.C., called Belgian Beer Me!, which is also the name of his tour company that leads beers tours of Belgium.
Visit Belgianbeerme.com for more information. Below is Stu's beer biography:

"In the beer world, it’s a fine line between 'beer geek' and 'beer enthusiast.' I’d like to think I’m more of a beer enthusiast. I’ve been a homebrewer for more than ten years and have successfully brewed many different styles of beer, including Belgian-style ales.

I lived in Seattle during the rise of the craft beer movement in the '80s and '90s, and developed an appreciation and passion for many different styles of beer. During this time, my girlfriend introduced me to my first Belgian ale--Chimay. I proceeded to study and sample Belgian ales, appreciate them and learn why they taste so delicious and different than any other beers in the world. Since then, I’ve toured Belgium extensively and now am a well-versed and passionate home brewer and consumer of Belgian and Belgian-style ales.

I don’t have that same girlfriend anymore, but I still have my love for Belgian ales.

'Belgian Beer Me!' is the name of my company that specializes in beer tours of Belgium and Belgian beer appreciation classes in the United States. This Belgian beer appreciation course at the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) Experimental College (Seattle) was the genesis of this fun and exciting tour and beer class venture known as BBM!

I consider myself to be the ultimate tourist and have traveled to many countries in addition to Belgium, including, Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Great Britain, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Canada and Texas. I typically drive across the United States twice each year stopping at brewpubs, breweries, historic routes and sites, antique stores and other points of interest.

I am also an avid collector of old beer cans, beer signs and other breweriana, and belong to several national organizations of collectors. (See Links).

Additionally, in my other life, I’m a stand-up comedian and have been performing full time since 1991. I also teach a class on Beginning Stand-Up Comedy through the ASUW Experimental College at least two times a year. And, I’m a 1986 graduate of the University of Montana School of Journalism in Missoula.

I divide my time between Northern Michigan (Mackinac Island, Grand Marais & Traverse City), Seattle and Belgium. I am a self-proclaimed ambassador of all good craft beer, in addition to Belgian ales. Enjoy browsing my Belgian Beer Me! website and especially check out my favorite links.

I've spent a lot of time, energy and resources "researching" and developing these great beer tours of Belgium, so you can enjoy them. Please feel free to email or call me with your questions.

I hope to see you on a BBM! tour soon!"

Cheers & Santé!

Stu Stuart

aka, Beer Santa
BBM! Founder

(231) 215-0173