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Brett Clifton

For Brett, real estate is a life-long passion and deliberate pursuit. Mr. Clifton has made it a point to study and act on the various facets of real estate from valuation, finance, contracts, negotiation, acquisition, renovation, management, marketing and sales. He owns and manages rental units in single-family and multi-family rental properties in the Greenlake, Wallingford and Magnolia neighborhoods. He is a President Emeritus of the Board for Northwest Real Investors Association, an educational company serving a membership of over 450 private investors.

Brett is the real estate broker and owner of of PRESS—Personal Real Estate Support Services (www.press-on.com). PRESS was founded in 1994 and provides a free dual service of: 1) a referral network of real estate professionals (agents, lenders, inspectors, attorneys) who have been screened, tested and monitored; and, 2) unlimited consultation throughout the process and paperwork of home purchasing and/or selling. PRESS serves as many as 70 clients per year and is a free service to clients.

The primary goal of teaching classes at the UW Experimental College is to raise the level of consumer education related to buying and selling real estate – for your own home or for investment. Expect an honest, clear and humorous presentation from an instructor with abundant energy who is willing to share everything he has. It will certainly be worth your time.

Brett can be reached at Brett@press-on.com.

    Courses taught by Brett Clifton: