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Wm Rusty BrennanDubbs

Hello, My name is Wm. Rusty BrennanDubbs.
My life is traveling and helping others travel.
Travel independently or with an outfitter it doesn't matter as the class helps both styles of travel, it's only important that you go.

I have been leading, and designing active travel trips around the world for 3 decades. I created trips for REI for example for 22 years.

This class is region specific, but my background includes 67 nations. I specialize in Nepal\Bhutan and Ecuador\Peru. These are my favorite destinations (okay, China is pretty cool too, so is Tibet, Antarctica, of course the Galapagos, and so is. . . .)

I believe "once in a lifetime experiences" are frequently repeatable and that is what is actually fun about travel.

Imagine quietly kayaking past a troop of acrobatic spider monkeys in the Amazon Rainforest or hiking on the “endless” Great Wall of China, or absorbing the deep murmur of lamas praying in the ocher colored monastery of Xegar Tibet, or soaking up the joy of accomplishment when summiting a Himalayan Peak. "Things" happen when you travel; you may stop along a trail to sip tea with a wispy bearded man and his family in a Peruvian village, or help shy children with their English homework before being invited to their home for chia (tea). How cool is that? These and more are "things" that happen when we travel, experiences that expand our horizons and are treasures we carry with us for a lifetime.

Come to the class with paper\pencil, a bite to eat and questions. We'll cover logistics, weather, health & altitude, gear, food & water, cultural sensitivity, personal safety, logistics of travel and destination options. I'll help you with opinions, experiences, travel resources and we'll have fun figuring out your next travel experience. The time will pass fast. A fun Chinese word I like to use is "Zǒu-ba" or "lets-go"!

Enjoy the day, Rusty

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