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This site has been completely revised, but the old modules are still available. Follow these links to the old modules:
Old vocabulary module,
Old features module
Old funding module


I. Continuum of Communication Independence
This continuum describes an individual's expressive communication based on observable communication behaviors. The model is useful in intervention planning.

II. Selecting AAC Vocabulary    
Strategies for selecting the vocabulary for communication devices as well as notebooks, board, books and even picture exchange systems.  Information about symbol selection has been moved to Part II below.

III. Understanding AAC Features    
Whether you are considering new equipment or novel low tech strategies, you have to understand the features of these tools to best serve AAC users. This module covers the following feature categories:

Output Features: Types of speech, visual and electronic output
Access Methods: Direct and indirect selection methods
Selection Set Features: Types of vocabulary/messages and symbols
Message Composition: Encoding, dynamic displays, rate enhancement
Physical Features: Size, portability, durability, etc.

Learn more about the people who use Assistive Technology (AT) and/or Augmentative Communication (AAC) through stories and images of success. You'll find video clips, images and stories about individuals participating in all aspects of life.

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