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The Boeing Advanced Research Center (BARC) fosters collaborative basic and applied research, translational research and development, and student education-related activities in the area of manufacturing and assembly of aircraft and spacecraft structures.  Boeing-employed affiliate instructors work in the lab, on a full time basis,side by side with faculty and students on joint research projects. Current research focus is on automation, robotics, mechatronics and metrology, with the focus on the assembly of aircrafts, with four projects including predictive shimming, development of in-wing crawlers, inside fuselage automation for percussive rivet forming, and sensor fusion.

BARC's interdisciplinary program is led by the UW Department of Mechanical Engineering with faculty and students from other Engineering and UW departments participating in the research and educational efforts. BARC is part of the UW College of Engineering's strategic research area of Engineering and Manufacturing, where the goals are to become research leaders in next-generation advanced manufacturing and strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the State of Washington and the nation.

BARC was started in Fall of 2014.  The 4300 sq. ft. BARC facility is housed in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington.

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