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BARC research wins Best of BTEC Awards

Thursday, August 20, 2020
Tow-End Recognition

BARC research has won the Best of BTEC award for two consecutive years at the Boeing Technical Excellence Conference where hundreds of the Boeing company’s engineers gather each year to discuss innovations.

The 2019 Best of BTEC award went to the work on "Improved Tow-End Recognition for Fiber Placement Inspection using Machine Learning " by Wei Guo, Ekta Samani, Ashis Banerjee, Sophie O’Neill, Lukas Wavrin, Stacy Harting, John Stewart and Agnes Blom-Schieber.
For additional information see Data Science for Manufacturing.

The 2020 Best of BTEC award in Manufacturing, Materials & Safety went to the work on "Mechanically actuated pneumatic avatar for out-of-tank teleoperated control" by Ben Wong, Kyle Schultz, Lucky Singh, Derek Loy, Wade Marquette, Santosh Devasia, Joe Garbini, Shuonan Dong, Jerry Chungbin, John Fuller, and Sam Pedigo