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Visitors from Gifu University

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
BARC lab visit

Professor Toshiaki Murai, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University, Japan visited the University of Washington along with Professor Mutsuhiro Shima and Professor Kazuaki Ito. The goal of the visit was to explore potential research collaborations and academic partnership at the Faculty-level between the University of Washington and Gifu University. In addition to a tour of the BARC lab to learn about models for Industry and University research collaboration, they met with Professor Brian C. Fabien, the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor Per Reinhall, the Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department and discussed issues in developing new research centers and international academic partnerships. The above photo is from the BARC lab visit. From left, Kevin Bray, Kazuaki Ito, Santosh Devasia, Toshiaki Murai, Mutsuhiro Shima, Parker Owan.


Quad Cherry Blossoms

The day turned out to be spectacular. The rains held off, and the UW quad cherry blossoms were in full bloom.