Black History Month

Black history is more than just a month, but February matters. 

Black History Month is an important reminder of an ongoing commitment to honoring and celebrating Black History and Black Bioethics throughout the year. The Department of Bioethics & Humanities’ mission is “Health through Social Justice.” Upholding this mission depends on recognizing how anti-Black racism and intersecting axes of oppression continue to operate at interpersonal and institutional levels in bioethics and healthcare more broadly. It also depends on centering and supporting the incredible work of Black bioethicists and efforts in the field towards restorative and transformative justice. Community is critical to this work. As Angela Davis said in Freedom is a Constant Struggle, “It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism.” 

As a department, we hope to create space this month for everyone to honor and celebrate Black History and Black Bioethics in ways that are most meaningful to them. There are many outstanding Black History Month resources to engage with: please see our website and the Whole U for some inspiration. In addition to this, there will be a B&H event at the end of February to create space to come together as a community to celebrate each other, share meaningful resources or work related to Black History or Black Bioethics, and plan for carrying this work forward throughout the year. 

joint statement of Bioethics and Humanities Department Interim Chairs Drs. Malia Fullerton and Tom Gallagher, and Dr. Gina Campelia, Chair of the Bioethics and Humanities EDI Committee. 

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Watch the recording of our own Dr. Gina Campelia's presentation about understanding the social and ethical roots of our present conversations about health inequalities, along with Holly Vo, Gail Henderson, and moderator Jennifer James.

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