Training Grant Information

The Vision Training Grant - John Clark, Director and The Developmental Biology Training Grant - David Raible, Director

1)  Vision Training Grant - John Clark, Director

Multidisciplinary training in basic science and clinical aspects of vision research is conducted at both the pre- and post-doctoral levels. Faculty in 9 departments in the School of Medicine and the School of Arts and Sciences are preceptors for pre- and post-doctoral trainees in structural biology, cell and molecular biophysics, visual function and systems neurobiology using a variety of model systems in vertebrate animals and selected cell and organ culture systems.  Vision training will emphasize modern technological approaches to clinical problems in the visual system in both normal and abnormal conditions. Interdisciplinary interactions that will develop new understanding of the scientific basis for important clinical problems in vision are encouraged.

2)  Development Biology Training Grant - David Raible Director

The program provides graduate work in developmental biology and supporting areas, including training in teaching, scientific integrity, presentation skills and analysis of data; and dissertation research in a field of developmental biology. The program promotes extensive interactions for up to 11 trainees and faculty mentors at quarterly developmental biology meetings, an annual retreat in which all trainees present their work, and the Northwest Developmental Biology Conference. The program benefits from a remarkably interactive community of developmental biologists from seven different departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine at the University of Washington and two research divisions at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Areas of research in developmental biology include: cell fate determination, cell migration, cell cycle control, signaling, organogenesis, gene regulation and hormone action. Genetic, cellular, molecular and comparative approaches are used with a variety of organisms, including microorganisms, invertebrates, vertebrates and plants.