Student Support

Financial Support

The Department of Biochemistry is committed to five years of support for all graduate students in good standing. This financial support includes a stipend, a tuition waiver, and student-only health insurance. The current graduate student stipend rate is $2,992 per month (or $35,904/year). While we pay your tuition, the student fees (approximately $322/quarter) will be your responsibility.

All students are responsible for paying the following quarterly fees:

  • Service & Activities Fee
  • IMA Bond Fee
  • Facilities Renovation Fee
  • U-Pass Fee

Note: Fee list is current as of Summer 2018; subject to change.

The Graduate Program Advisor (GPA)

The faculty Graduate Advisor advises all first year students and meets with them at the beginning of each quarter to assess goals and progress. The GPA also continues to serve as an advisor and student advocate after the thesis advisor and Thesis Committee have been chosen. Any exceptions to departmental rules and practices require approval by the Graduate Education Committee. At the conclusion of Spring Quarter, a faculty meeting is devoted to evaluating student performance in rotations, the 530 and 540 series, Conjoint modules, and specialty courses.