Children grow in all shapes and sizes, so the adult seat belt fits children at different stages of their lives. So, your child may fit into a seat belt properly before your child's classmate. Typically, seat belts fit right when children are at least 4'9" tall, about 80 pounds, and around 8 years old.

To find out if your child is big enough to move from his booster seat to an adult seat belt, you need to look at how the seat belt fits his body.

Take the Fit Test* below and find out if your child is ready for a seat belt.

1. Does your child sit all the way back against the auto seat?

Yes No

2. Do your child's knees bend with ease at the edge of the auto seat without slouching?

Yes No

3. Does the lap belt fit snug across the top of the thighs, not up on the tummy?

Yes No

4. Does the shoulder belt come across the center of the shoulder and chest?

Yes No

5. Can your child ride comfortably in the adult seat belt without putting the shoulder belt under her arm or behind her back?

Yes No

6. Can your child sit like this without changing position for the whole trip?

Yes No

If you answered "No" to ANY of these questions, your child still needs to stay in his booster seat to keep the seat belt fitting right.

If you answered "Yes" to ALL of the questions, your child can safely use the adult seat belt.

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*Used with permission from SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.