Bush Lab at ASMS 2018

Members of the Bush Lab will present the following talks at American Society for Mass Spectrometry Annual Conference in San Diego (June 3 – 7, 2018):

  • Ion Mobility of Proteins in Nitrogen Gas: Effects of Charge State, Charge Distribution, and Structure Characterized using Trajectory Method Calculations. Daniele Canzani; Matthew F, Bush. (MP 407)
  • Collision-Induced Unfolding and Dissociation Reveal the Location of Ni(II) Binding in the Dimer of the Alpha-Crystallin Domain of HSPB5. Seoyeon Hong; Matthew F. Bush. (MP 745)
  • Memory of the Condensed-Phase in the Gas-Phase: Effects of Solution, Charge, and Energy on Structures of Serum Albumin IonsMeagan Gadzuk-Shea; Matthew F Bush. (WOB 10:10)

We look forward to seeing everyone in San Diego!