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Russia and Roumania on the Black Sea


Charles Upson Clark

View Across Dniester From Hotin Castle



1. The Prairies
2. Bessarabian Products
3. Business Development
4. Early History
5. The Turkish Invasions
6. The Russian Advance
7. The Russian Seizure
8. Russia Organizes The Province
9. Russification Begins
10. The Survival of Roumanian
11. Russification of The Church
12. The Zemstvo and Its Function
13. The Russian Empire in Decay
14. The Revolution Comes To Bessarabia
15. The First Revolutionary Congress
16. The Ukraine Encroaches
17. Organization of The Diet
18. The Creation of The Bessarabian Republic
19. Anarchy In Bessarabia
20. The Roumanian Army Brings Order
21. Rakovsky's Roumanian Career
22. Collapse of The Bessarabian Republic
23. Friction Under The New Regime
24. The Decay of Russian Setiment
25. Incorporation Into Roumania
26. Communist Machinations
27. Communist Reoganization
28. The Tartar-Bugar Episode
29. The Moldavian Soviet Republic
30. The Present Economic and Financial Condition of Bessarabia
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